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Resources for Justice
We are committed to social justice especially through heath care and community. 

We are very concerned about the health disparities brought to light during the COVID epidemic.  Our work at Joy Wellness Center has shown us that many people in our community lack access to basic health care, including wellness care.  Beyond that, systems of white superiority have marginalized and ignored the perspectives of African American physicians and patients for years.  We recommend the National Medical Association as a source of research, opinion, and leadership regarding ending health disparities and promoting justice in the medical field.  To begin, strengthen or affirm your analysis of how racism impedes access to healthcare, we suggest this talk by Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones.  A paper summarizing the information she presented is linked here

We are also saddened by the ongoing disruption of the physical, mental and spiritual safety of Black and Brown people due to violent acts by police, as well as omission of anti-racism on the list of white priorities for government, institutions, and personal exchanges.  We participate in study to keep us awake and to continue to support progress towards racial justice.  Whether you are new to this topic or have studied it for years, we recommend this article, Reflections on the Color of My Skin, by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Linked here is Dr. Tyson reading the article aloud. 

Groups doing work in Baltimore include Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (working on public policy change for Baltimore), Out for Justice (reforming policy specifically regarding the criminal justice system), and the Baltimore Racial Justice Action (working to dismantle racism through education, including free monthly gatherings on the 13th of each month).

The national work of The Equal Justice Institute - the organization featured in the film Just Mercy - now has state-based branch groups documenting violent deaths (especially lynchings and prison death sentences) throughout history.  This group promotes remembering and acknowledging history as a crucial step to move forward in antiracist work.  Centered in Montgomery, their museum and website offer lots of resources.  

We wanted to use our web presence to share these resources and we welcome your feedback and discussion about them any time.